1. How does your massager work?

The prime purpose of massage is to help alleviate stress and tension that can build up in the body’s soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments). As the general therapeutic value of massage, it can also safely and effectively treat many minor soft tissue injuries. These are by far the most common of all injuries, which often cause considerable pain and dysfunction in the short term, and may lead to long term problems.

The Body Rub® massager vibrates in a circular pattern, which generates great energy. The energy penetrates deep through all muscle layers, relieves tension and stress, stimulates local circulation, soothes aching muscles and relaxes muscles spasms. It has two speed control, Weak (2,800 rpm) and Strong (3,200 rpm). Many doctors use them in the practice.

2. What are the differences between a professional model and a personal (home) model?

The professional model has four rubber holes for gripping wraps or films, which can be disposable after each use. The motor of the professional model runs at 3,400 rpm instead of 3,200 rpm of home model. The professional model has 3 years warranty. The professional model also comes with a set of accessory. If you want to buy one for yourself, buy a personal (home) model and just as good.

3. I am inquiring about purchasing the Body Rub the Personal Model. Can you tell me the cost and the best way to go about purchasing ?

There are at least four ways to purchase the products. The product comes with 3 Years warranty.
(1) From local medical supply store, doctor's office or online chiropractor's stores.

(2) Click:
http://bodyrubinc.com/prod01.htm (Home, personal model is a flat-pad massager) Purchase under a secured website controlled directly by Microsoft® Central.

(3) Click: http://www.paypal.com Pay $179 (shipping included) to sales@bodyrubinc.com , which is a verified account for the purchase. We will automatically ship to you one of the Home model of Body Rub massager.

(4) Check $179 payable to: Body Rub, Inc. 11 Cedar Lane, Sherman, CT 06784. Please print your address.

(5) Call (860) 350-3038 during office hours. Visa/MasterCard only. We will ship to you in the same day or next business day upon receiving your payment. UPS tracking number will be sent to you as soon as it is in the shipping process. Please provide your shipping address (UPS do not ship to P.O. Box) and e-mail address. If you have any question, please call (860) 350-3038 for assistance.