Flat-Pad, Massager, Chiropractor's Hand-Aid

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Key Feature of our most popular product:

  • Powerful and adjustable intensity 2,800 and 3,400 rpm
  • Relieves tension and stress, soothes aching muscles and joints
  • Maintenance free
  • Comfortable, soft pad with individual cotton cloth coat option
  • Heavy duty, metal alloy handle with rubber grips.

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  • Description SKU # Price (US $)
    Personal Flat-Pad Massager 600-B $169
    Professional Flat-Pad Massager 600-D $269
    Strip For Self Support 200-A $6 *
    Individual Cotton Cloth Coat (6pc) 200-B $4 *
    BodyRub Mate 200-D $68 *
    Standard Shipping SHP-600 $10 /pc in USA
    * Free shipping