DVD: The easiest whole body massage in the world

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Date of Release:  4/28/2004

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Note:  This DVD is designed for the non-professionals only. You have to own a flat-pad vibrational massager, such as BodyRub® to perform such easy massage.   You may use any massage oil or lotion at your chioce. Please consult with your doctor before using any massage devices, including BodyRub®.  The description statement is not evaluated by FDA.

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Encoding: Region 1 & 4 (U.S.Canada, Australia) This DVD is payable on computer equipped with DVD Player
Rated:  TBD (Clean)
Studio: Sherman, CT USA
DVD Release Date: April 28, 2004
DVD Data Size: >1G
Directors: Sherman N John

The Easiest "Whole Body Massage" Method

The objective is to teach people (non-professionals) an easy way to relieve the back/shoulders pain, hamstring cramps; relax the daily stress; improve the quality of the life.  

Specifically in the long term care, for example, how to provide on-bad patients with daily massage?  This DVD teaches a massage method, which could be performed even by a non-professional, such as nursing aid, or house keeper/maid or a family member to eliminate bed sores… 

Learn the step-by-step procedure for giving a whole body massage with this DVD that anyone can follow!  Perform a real whole body massage on your partner while watching this DVD accompanied with a harmonious music. You only need to focus on how to handle a soft, flat-padding massager, you don’t need pre-acquired techniques or skills to alleviate lower-back pain, sooth and relieve stress, loose tight neck and shoulder muscle, heal sports injuries, bring physical and emotional relaxation.

·        It provides a simple, quick and easy-to-understand massage method.

·        Even if you've never perform any type of massage before, now you can do it easily, an idiot-proof method!

·        Even if you thought you had no patience to learn at all, now you can accompany someone you love and enjoy terrific time together.

·        This Easy-To-Follow HOW-TO DVD teaches you from beginning to end, step by step slowly with harmonious music background.

·        Instructor John Moore, a professional trainer in Australia, demonstrates all basic skills necessary to perform a whole body massager literarily suitable for everyone.